F/W 2014 in Korea

I had a few friends ask me what they can expect to see (Korea tends to be ahead in the fashion game 😉  ).  Hopefully I can get you some pictures of People on the street soon, but so far I can tell you that it’s all about red, burgundy, orchid, and pink brown.  And the classic black and white! Meaning….

Red and Burgundy for lips and accent color.

Orchid and plum purples are in for makeup, normally on the eyes but I have seen some women rocking it out on the streets!

And lastly, I have seen a rise in “pink brown” hair color.  It is hard to find a photo of it but I linked a video of one beauty youtuber So Youngs beauty room 🙂


Obviously there are more trends then these, from the coppery brown, patches of leather (which seem to be ready to come into S/S! PFW showed a lot of vibrant leather in fun colors!) and chain necklaces, but I’m just going to pass on a few 🙂
Signing out!

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