5 Korean nail trends I can’t get behind…

Trends come and go and here in Korea it’s no different, but being in a society where nail art is much more prevalent than in the states, you are bound to come a across a few trends thatdon’t float your boat! Without further ado, here are 5 nail trends that make me feel a little titanic.

1) THE OUTLINE image While this trend is (thankfully) on the out, I never understood it’s initial appeal. It only makes the nail appear smaller.

2 ) THE LONG NAIL image When I was a child, I associated long nails with older women who smelled of gardenia perfume. I still find it impractical. Anyone with contacts will understand the difficulty of trying to get them out when your nails have grown too long! Ouch…

3) THE CLEAR AND COLORFUL image I’m instantly brought back to my nail art attempts in middle school. I dont mind the colorful change to a french mani, but I prefer the choice of one color that draws your eye, but doesn’t blind it.

4) CELLOPHANE image I have seen this done beautifully, typically when the cellophane has a beautiful pearly iridescence that is paired with white…but lately this green and white versus black and pink has been popping up on many an instagram post. The color clash and graphic confusion feels less like art and more like a broken stained glass window.

5) REVERSE MOON image This is the newest fad to be popping up in nail shops in Korea, and probably my least favorite. It reminds me of acrylic nails that have grown out, and I can’t shake the urge to want to finish painting the nail. I find solice in the fact that trends come and go, and that with every trend I don’t like, there is always one I do. 🙂

The Dutch

Stay tuned for my top 5 nail trends in Korea, coming soon!


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